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I put this on a t-shirt for my wife.  She’s not sure she likes wearing it however, because she suspects it might somehow be subliminally obscene.  I told her I’m just consciously odd.

Ok, total redo on the raider girl.  Turned it into a band t-shirt design.

for my son who is fascinated with ghosts

Growing up, I remember the park near my grandparents house had one of these beauties.  I think there was an elephant as well.   Anyway, I got tired of waiting for this one to finish itself.

Mrs. Death

The kids are big into Halloween this year so the Mrs. and I decided to join in.

Something Sweasel came up with for her blog roll fer blogs with sumpin’ ta do wit’ weasels.  I thought it would make a nice heraldic-old-stinky-bookish-type logo.   I suppose its more prestigious sounding than “Boogle O’ Stinkers”.

drinking weasel

Ahh, that time of year again.  Oktoberfest is upon us,  time for downing my favorite seasonal beverage.  Paulaner makes a fine marzen, a bit hard to find round these parts though.

Growing up, beans were a tradition at home.   Grandma Ermine would have pintos or green beans at every meal, and of course cornbread. You get real tired of eating beans growing up but later in life you kinda crave ’em.  Here’s a mess of half-runners I cooked up with bacon.  halfrunners

Maybe I’m nostalgic, but I don’t think so.  I wasn’t even interested in trains when we stopped to let the kids ride this one on the Western Maryland Railroad.  We were waiting at the station when around to bend came the building clamor and the hellish black plume of the steam train.  I stood a little too close to the edge of the platform as the engine pulled up spewing heat, smoke, steam, noise and filth. Damn what a machine.

beautiful filth

doing dishes

Nothing goes with doing the dishes like cheese, beer and british tv.  Please, send us Yanks “Wind in the Willows” season three.

weasely read of the month