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Chip the Cheapskate was a cartoon character that aired around the 1920’s through the 1940’s. Interestingly enough, there is no known recording of him any where, except for a few news paper clippings. My grandpa remembers that the show aired on a local television station before it was cancelled due to bankruptcy. He also told me that the original pilot episode was never shown to the public because it was deemed to dark for young children. He then handed me a rusty tin box with the content of a film reel of the “lost episode.”

I made a new plague doctor mask for Halloween this year. Hockey mask, foam and light weight epoxy.

A little fellow I intend to mold and cast.


I’ve not had much time to work on art this year, work and family keeping me busy. Trying to get back into making stuff.

Gonna be a plague doctor for Halloween this year.  I made it outta a hockey mask, urethane foam and epoxy.

Here’s a a short film on plague doctors by film maker  Svanes Lunde in Norway.  Shows how crappy a job plague doctoring was and also how wrong they were about the miasma theory.

These two are characters in a story I’ll prolly never finish anytime soon.  Just a portion of  a larger painting I’ll also not finish.

shirt design for my Tork friends.

Hey, they still make pencils…..haven’t drawn with one in awhile.  I’m too lazy to get out the Wacom.  (Updated, smoothed things out in PS)

This is “Blackfoot” a cool 16-bit game created by digital artist Dan Fornace.  Collect eggs, climb trees and battle cute forest critters with your own bad-ass weasel.  You can even increase attributes as you level plus the sound is good too. Yeah, I suck and can’t get beyond level one, so what!  It’s great retro-gaming goodness especially for the weasel fan.   Thanks Dan!

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