flying nivalis and outhouse

Sorta appalachian surrealist anthropomorphic fantasy I guess.

Wow, I can fall asleep just about anywhere too but beside the road!?  This guy sure is tired……oh.

dead weasel

You see all sorts of dead stuff along the road but in our neck of the woods I’ve never seen an ermine.

This is it.  The only known image of an obscure cartoon from who knows when called Jerky Weasel.  Found it in another Borkum Riff can full of quarter inch lock washers and nuts, stainless of course.  Seems nobody liked him much they dropped the little guy after his debut short.  Grampa says he remembers it was called “Jerky Weasel and the Shithouse” or something similar.

shithouse weasel

pirate girl

Classic pinup styled t shirt decal

indian pirate graphic

Does anyone really ever outgrow wanting to be a pirate?


playing around with brush styles


Concept of a female border reiver, complete with a flag paint-over representing the  shifting allegiances which were common along the Anglo-Scottish border.  Check out “Steel Bonnets” by George Macdonald Fraser for a thorough and interesting read on the subject.


an older piece


still in progress….


Grew from the previous post, damn ya gotta love ray-guns!

weasely read of the month