Don’t let her fool you, this pretty little gal will kick your ass.  That is if you happen to be one of the many local varmints; rat, mouse, raccoon, skunk, possum, transient cat, bunny.  I’ve seen her run up trees after ’em.  She drags full grown raccoons around by the crotch, swallows little bunnies whole and mouses like a momma cat. She wages war on the unlucky skunk hordes that move in every spring. Waltzing in the back door like nothings wrong and she can’t smell that telltale stank wafting in with her “izat me?” Sure we (I mean my wife) picked her out of the multitude of hard luck scamps at the rescues but she gives me the impression that she’s the family dog because she chooses to be. She’s not leashed or fenced, she could high-tail it anytime she wanted.  But she doesn’t.  She seems content with her daily patroling, lounging and watching us.  I was never a dog person, and after burying two in recent years, I didn’t want one.  But the wife did. Thanks hon.